‘Sweater Weather’ featuring the Seattle Goodwill Outlet

Here’s an oldie but a goodie. This outfit was first featured on Have You Nerd in January 2012. It has served me well the last three winters. Those beautiful boots have since been re-soled, so they’re in even better shape now.

In other news: Last week I enjoyed a Thrifted Black Friday, which has become a tradition in my family. I look forward to featuring some of these amazing finds very soon! Also, I watched Iris tonight. OMG, she is the STYLE QUEEN! I highly recommend the film. It’s on Netflix so watch it now!

 The Specs

  • 1970’s Sweater/Skirt Combo- no more than $1 Seattle Goodwill Outlet
  • Frye Boots- $40 Ballard Neighborhood Buffalo Exchange in Seattle, WA
  • Total Cost = $41

Featured Thrift Shop

If you’ve never been to a Goodwill Outlet, allow me to educate you. I actually refer to it as ‘The Bins’ because literally, everything is just thrown loose into these giant rolling bins from which you shop from. I’m not totally certain as to where all the stuff comes from (perhaps its reject or overstock from the other GW stores?) but you can find some great items if you’re willing to dig. Seriously, bring gloves (and hand sanitizer) and just get into the zen of it! Fun Fact: the Seattle Bins are featured in Macklemore’s ‘Thrift Shop’ music video.

Photos by the amazing Nate Watters www.natewatters.com


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